Sep 16, 2010

I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!

Ok, Ok... This Fall it's "ALL ABOUT outerwear"! And Mackage has really reved me up to the idea! I am so obsessed with their jackets! HOWEVER my obsession has gotten to a point where I feel I must speak out more specifically on my opinions of Biker, Bomber and Lifestyle versus Fashion.

First of all, the issue of Motorbikes.

Here is a photo of me running away from a friend's Honda.
(And, yes, my head is shaved.)

My current feelings about philistines with fixer-uppers and their dreams of throwing women on the back have been tried and remain true. (Shout-out to my friend "beer", and C.H. whose bike I never did get a look at.) In my experience, any indulgence of the bike-in-back routine - will only result in my own detriment.

Commissioned illustration, 2009

The Vespa man, on the other hand, is much different. The Vespa itself seems to me to be an egalitarian machine. Stylish women and men alike, BOTH look attractive on them and can remain in control. Poised.

Newlyweds Ira and Andrea

Now, granted, some lovers just seem meant to fly past at 90 mph; chrome, leather, rubber; all wheeling toward some kind of bright sexy chaos, but I think you gotta earn the trust to get to that point. Trust in your co-pilot, as it were.

To sum-up: Although I am inexplicably drawn to the leather seams and stitches that are popping up all around these ol' city streets, I am in no rush to hop on a bike, jump out of a plane, try out any extreme sports, or sacrifice my body -OR- heart to recklessness.


  1. The bike-in-back routine.
    It is a symbol of trust. It is a knight 'on' shining armor. complete with a sort of hennin.
    The trust goes both ways. One could imagine oneself as being demeaned by being on the back of the bike. But I think that is rather short-sighted. I think that when two people are on a bike they are intimately sharing not only space, but identity. No matter what sex or order, the person on the back and on the front define, or at least help define, the other.
    It is to be in denial to think otherwise.
    For some, like your newlyweds, the reciprocation is obvious.
    full disclosure: my friend made me a shirt that says on the back "if you can read this my wife is a #@%$" but I have only ever worn it to bed to remind myself of how much my friend likes me.

  2. Last week I entered Crabtree & Evelyn's drawing for a purple Vespa.