Sep 17, 2010

Fashion Freaks of the Industry

Here in all their GLORY is a great sampling of the Fashion industry greats, and a quintessential example for why I find it so interesting that many people still think that Fashion is about fitting in. Sure, it helps us identify one another, or with a group, but the real icons in fashion will always be somewhat of a freak show.
So work it and let your FREAK FLAG FLY!

Tavi - Child author of the Style Rookie blog. This girl has a unique voice and passion for fashion. The blog was started when she was just eleven years old. She comes from a generation where, in order to stand out, you really have to be an exhibitionist. (I mean to use this word in a more demure fashion - not as being lewd or indecent, but rather exposed in a more transparent way.)

It is clearly NOT only a generational thing that her blog and her general fame has taken off - she is a genius, and if she wanted it, she may one day step into the shoes of Ms Wintour, or the like.

Talley - André Leon Talley, need I say more? This Larger-than-life character might come across as Vouge's necessary foil to the strait-faced Anna, or the strange uncle of the fashion world, but what can you expect from someone whose first paid job was assistant to Andy Warhol?

Mira - Shorty swing my way! This accomplished (aprox 5 foot) Russian lady blew my socks off when I recently looked her up. She has really killed it - working for the biggest names of fashion, and obviously owning her own glamour all the while. Her Big news is that she is expecting a little addition to her family next month! Way to have it all!

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