Jun 17, 2010

Some may say "No Way!"

For a while now I have been considering how I might be able to help foster a departure from, or rather dispel with the sense of, or better yet defend against The Ghettoizing of the "Christian Arts".

My first thought was to learn to become a writer, and speak against such things... Then I realized that what I would want to say had mostly been covered already by another, more experienced, author.

Then I thought - I would kind-of curate a book of writing by all kinds of brilliant Christian writers, because their voices need to be heard and promoted to, not only the professionals they work with, but also the Christians who might be afraid to dip their feet into contemporary culture. This idea got mixed reviews, plus - I was told that that was already done as well.

Now I am at a stand-still.

I feel strongly that there are people being Left Behind (pun intended) by not engaging in the world we live in. Plus, those who are over-sheltering in some niche communities have (more than anything else) caused many of us creative-types to leave the church because of feeling a lack of communion - when, in reality, "The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars" -(Francis Schaeffer).

I am still hoping for some grace to flow out of my efforts, but I am not sure what will specifically come of all this.

over and out.

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