May 4, 2010

The Ghettoizing/Ostracizing of Religious Art(ists)

Here is another resource which I am considering toward further discussion on "blasphemous" art. See previous post HERE with texts on Andres Serrano.

I find the idea that Christina Valentine puts forth in the presentation below to be extremely relevant to my generation within my practice and sub-sub-culture: The idea that we should be wary of "Ghettoizing" the discussion of Faith and Art outside the larger discussion - specifically that of contemporary art.

As to the question - Why are we trying to valorize or legitimate our art as Christians? I think this ties into the afformentioned disccusion in that, atleast in my own experience, I have been asked to defend my opinions on art to the Christian community much more than my opinions on faith to the art community. Which is actually what brings me to this point of desiring more discussion on these things within a Christian context, addressing fears, or concerns.

This also gets me thinking about where we are rooting our identity which leaves us in such a defensive place? I think that there is room for us to grow as Christians not only to expand our view of religious art but also expand our appriciation for culture and the "epiphany" wherever it may occur, or be revealed to us.

As I have said before, I choose to discuss, view, and think on these things. I invite people to join this conversation, but I fully conceed that it is voluntary.

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