Jun 21, 2010

Twilight Zoned-out

Have you ever have one of those lack-luster days where you are just a bit off your game? Times like these, one should stay away from the internet, and cellular phones. Which is why I am keeping this short. My recommendation for LOOKING today is as follows...

Gilbert & George.

, from Death Hope Life Fear, 1984.
95 1/4 x 119 1/4 in. (241.9 x 302.9 cm).
Tate, London, purchased 1990.
© Gilbert & George

"Gilbert and George met in 1967 while students at St. Martin’s Art School in London. They began to create art together, developing a uniquely recognizable style both in their pictures and in their presentations of themselves as living sculptures. Over more than forty years, they developed a new format that created large-scale pictures, which are visually and emotionally powerful, through a unique creative process. Most of their pictures are created in groups and made especially for the space in which they are first exhibited.

The artists’ art, which is sometimes seen as subversive, controversial, and provocative, considers the entire cosmology of human experience and explores such themes as faith and religion, sexuality, race and identity, urban life, terrorism, superstition, AIDS-related loss, aging, and death." -- www.brooklynmuseum.org/

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