Feb 10, 2011

I'm part of you, indefinitely...

what else could bring today's hippest crowd to the yard but a little craft brew and a quirky trio line up consisting of Brooklyn's own Cuddle Magic, In One Wind, and (Dirty Projector's) Nat Baldwin - solo on his stand-up (What?!) !?!?!! pretty much nada.

I've posted about IOW and CM before, if you recall, (and I still have a girl crush on the vocalist/xylaphonist, ms. slipp).

Below is proof that it all went down in a big way at the Knitting Factory, BK -- the highlight of which is probably a tie between CM's lyric "you got me pregnant with your accent", IOW's front man, Angelo, rockin' out lyrics by Mariah Carey, and the pearls of sweat streaming down Nat's georgeous face...ahem... oh, yeah, and did I mention they were serving craft beer from Fire Island? who does that?!!!? cool.

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