Oct 28, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen...

I saw these guys perform last night at Union Hall. A fun and jazzy sound à la Dirty Projectors and Akron/Family: I HIGHLY recommend In One Wind.

Each member brings their own personality to the stage, the lead guitarist, Angelo, has a surprisingly strong vocal presence along side his two female counterparts. The shorter smiley one is enchanting. The taller girl is probably the weakest part of the group with a slightly effected manner. But they have all the elements of greatness including STELLAR percussion [he is un-sane, you've got to see it].

Oh yeah - and did I mention that the show was a CD release party for Justin Keller's Land of Leland project? Well, it was. As usual JK dominates the stage with his lanky stature (in a dreamy/suave manner that is kind of magical) this time with equally impressive accompaniment - including (but not limited to) the genius of Evan Mazunik on keys, and the ever-so-devastating Mathias Tjonn on the ol' six string.

...now to give these tracks a listen...

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