Aug 26, 2010

30X30 for my 3^3
Chinese Crested :) aka my little steed!

Recently some friends asked me what my 30X30 were.

It took me a minute to realize what they were talking about. "Ohhh... 30 goals by your 30th birthday? I get it... But I am NOT turning thirty YET!" (I exclaimed internally.)

...Yeah, I don't have that much time on my hands. Sorry. For now I am going to keep it simple.

For my 3^3 b-day I am sticking to just 3 resolutions:
1. Remember what it was like when I embraced and loved myself as I am. Then do that.

I was always an odd kid. My parents and friends never let me forget it. But I didn't care. I still did my weird things, and wore my weird clothes, and listened to my weird music...

Living in New York has made me realize how many odd people there are out there, and let me celebrate that, while also causing me to (for the first time) want to fit-in (with the other mis-fits, of course) but that is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE because we are THE ODD ONES who don't fit - even with each other. This has caused me recent anxiety, not just socially but more acutely in my career.

I want to go back and embrace the pluralities that exist inside of me, and embrace them as ordered and particular to me -- rather than worry about how they will bring about any result in my future, notoriety, or shame; weather I am hiding my talents, or if, in fact I truly have any; or if I can find a partner to experience what life holds for me (not simply going-it-alone); all these things are related to being myself, and unabashedly so.

The fact is: I have love in my life. People will never fully understand each other, but we can love each other despite this. For this I am thankful. People who don't "get" me, still love me. Plus I do think that Jesus loves me (the Bible told me so.) So, that's cool.

2. Give compliments freely. (aka Be a channel of peace and love to ALL.)

Weather on the subway, in the office, or at home with the roommates. I want to verbalize my admiration more. If we all spoke up when we saw a lovely face, I think self esteem problems would be a non-issue.

3. Keep on keepin' on.

Continue to write letters, make visual art, exhibit, read, write, and pray. These are all things I do, but would like to do with more regularity and vigor.

Obviously there could be more added to this, but I am happy with my 3 little birds.
Have a happy year!

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