Jul 4, 2010

La La La

It seems like the favorite hobby of Lady GaGa fans and skeptics is to try and decipher the key to her pop roots. Ranging from Madonna, Bjork, to the ineffable Michael Jackson - she defies anyone who would track this lineage because she clearly uses it all, and MORE. In an almost Warhol-like huberous she continues to pour everything into her art (videos) and colaborate with highly creative individuals. Most recent would be the highly anticipated Alejandro video, that I admit - even shocked me a little. But for the sake of this conversation, I am going to take a momentary step back, and propose the following correlation...

Kylie Minogue's iconic video, directed by Dawn Shadforth who also bosts collaborations with Goldfrap, Bjork, and the Scisor Sisters - has at least one identical moment to Bad Romance. I wanted to bring this up because I think Kylie has not been given her due, as a pop star or as Rufus Wainwright would dub her "Gay shorthand for joy".

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