Mar 19, 2010

SPOILER ALERT: Whitney Biennial 2010

Co-curator, Gary Carion-Muravari, addressing the Bloomberg crowd at a private reception and viewing of the exhibit

For more information on this year's exhibit go [here]

Curated by Francesco Bonami and Gary Carion-Murayari, I enjoyed the smaller and more succinct vision for the exhibit. Paired with a historical exhibit of biennial benchmarks from their own collection, I thought it gave a nice perspective. Although it has been criticized for bowing to the tight-belt of the economy I do think that this exhibit gave a true vision of what American artists are making. And why shouldn't it be a lipnus test for America's economy as well?

Some of my favorites I've noted below...

We like america and america likes us by the bruce high quality foundation
->References bruce naumans first ny performance where he is carried off in an ambulance
->you stand in the line of the headlights to watch a video on the wind shield, and listen to audio coming from the grill. good writing.

Stranger in a strange land by Richard Aldrich
->line drawing printed on canvas

Distracting distance by RH quaytman
->op art

Piotr Ulanski

Mrs jessica drummonds by Dawn Clements
->large ink drawing

Storm Tharp

Marianne Vitale, Patron
->Video Art

Ari Marcopoulos
->Great Video of kids with sound distortion

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