Mar 18, 2010

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Biola celebrated National Women's History Month with a women's art exhibit, poetry readings and live music.

On Wednesday, March 10, Biola featured the artwork of 26 female students, staff and alumni in a special art exhibit entitled "process:::" as part of a series of events in "Pearls in Process: Celebrating the Creativity of Women," Biola's National Women's History Month celebration. The exhibit was curated by Shannon Leith, professional photographer and 2009 Biola graduate. Pieces ranged from photography to paintings, collages to sculpture, but all of the work centered on the theme of exploring and celebrating the creative process. Leith shared personal reflections about the process of curating the show and invited Rachel Clark (Assistant Director of Residence Life and Ruby Slippers Committee memeber) to read a poem of blessing entitled "A Prayer."*

Guests enjoyed complimentary vanilla lattes and coffee as the evening began with a special edition of "Readers Rites," a poetry reading event featuring work by women and inspired by women. Following the official unveiling of the art exhibit, students, staff and alumni had the opportunity to listen to live music by Biola students Julia Peterson and Tavia Grubbs. Throughout the evening, guests were invited to participate in creating their own unique art, by writing about a woman who has inspired them and placing their dedication on trees, which will be featured at all remaining Women's History Month events.

This first event of its kind inspired guests to explore their own God-given creativity and to bless those around them by sharing it.

Check out the full feature article on this event at the Whittier Daily News.

*A Prayer

God of possibilities...
help me stand in the reality...
...of what can be...
and what is available to me today.

Maker of difference...
help me embrace unqiueness...
...the parts of myself and all of us that are unmatched and beautiful... they stand alone.

Creator of life...
help me stay alert... receive the gift each day has to offer
...and all the way to my last breath.

God of light...
help me open to illumination... see the pictures given
and to construct the inspired.


-Victoria Smith

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