Nov 19, 2009

nightmares + some thoughts

I had a nightmare last night - of which I will spare you the full details beyond this flow of associated images (to follow) after which I will include some more thoughts on the matter.

Some people have said that dreams are a way to deal with things that trouble us during the day which our subconscious needs to wrestle with weather we are prepared to (in our waking life) or not. Here is a famous Gothic painting of a nightmare by Fuseli...


This morning there was a death half a block from my apartment - could it be that I somehow anticipated this or felt it happen? A mystical thing, but perhaps worth considering?


My own dreadful dream may also be attributed simply to the fact that I rearranged some furniture last night but left it a bit askew. ...Feng Shui is another mystery to me, however elements of it ring true.

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