Jun 14, 2011

COUNT DOWN to Air Project Residency

In a mere 22 days I will be leaving my beloved and the City of NY to traverse the wild eastern art-market frontier of Beijing, China via an Air Projects residency. Home of the controversial artist Ai Weiwei (Whose work is pictured here, on display currently. The Plaza Hotel's first Pulitzer Fountain installation.) and many other exciting wonders recognized and yet to be discovered.

Seeing the Ai Weiwei installation right at my doorstep (figuratively), I couldn't help ask (out-loud hoping someone might answer) "Do these people, taking photos in front of the fountain, realize this artist is imprisoned?" Needless to say - I am intrigued to continue research on the habits of artists, galleries, dealers, museums and the public in relation to viewing art, globally.

sign graffiti: "Free Wei Wei"

As it stands, I've got nothing in that region - yet. Soon, I hope to be populating more information that will draw in global interest, and connect all my other readers/viewers to what is going on in the Great Asian Empire!

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