May 4, 2011

public vs private parts

ive been thinking a lot about views.
like, in new york a view is a privileged thing...
and, as in the case of the cloister property and it's relationship to the palisades, one can literally own a view.

So, I took a photo out someonelse's window this afternoon and I am wondering if that is like taking a picture of someoneelse's stuff? or is it free/unowned because its outside... in the public realm?

friend: well,
for me the most interesting thing about photography is perspective, which overlaps at least a little bit with "view", and there's the question of identifiability of the particular view, which might determine whether or not it violates their privacy or property or sole claim on something.

me: hm yeah.

friend: so each of the infinite angles and distances of viewing of any thing could each be considered discrete pieces of property.

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