Feb 1, 2011

Artist Page Launched: Jen Mills goes LIVE!



"Giving away or selling small works at prices as low as a penny, I work to create systems of exhibiting and disseminating dispersed bodies of work in homes, office cubicles and trashcans worldwide. It is my aim to reimage definitions of success, the viewer, and of the exhibition site.
Through the immediate making and selling of objects that are inspired by conversations with the viewer, I parody and inhabit a functioning, accessible microcosm of the art market.

"Affordabilty and a personalized experience invites participants to play several of the many illusive roles in the art world including patron, collaborator, collector and curator. The objects are intentionally devalued through poor craftsmanship and an amateur aesthetic so the focus is placed on the interpersonal interaction and the performative transaction that is the true content of the work.

"This site is also home of the JENNIFER MILLS NEWS archives."

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