Jan 4, 2011

up from the belly of the city

This morning I had a difficult time getting myself out the door.
Even now, at the office, I feel a bit of a Zombie.
On my way in, though, I had a slight revelation - which jerked me into coherence, (if only for a moment.)

Per usual, I was sitting on the local. Glancing over my shoulder I saw the ceramic numbers that trigger my body into action. I stepped out onto the platform (expecting the typical off-putting underground stench) and something strange happened. People walking next to me smiled. There was a scent of sweetened coffee in the air that followed me all the way up the steps, and out of the station. The whole crowd of us seemed to be in step, as if we were all going on an outing together. This euphoria lasted just until I reached my building, when an older gentleman held the door open for me - a nice gesture, however looking at him could only make me think of the many years of work I have ahead of me. Walking into the building felt like a nail in an office-shaped coffin.

Last night my roommate asked me if there will ever be a time when work is not exhausting. I guess not. But I hope that the exhaustion seems meaningful or worth-the-effort with enough frequency to get us by.

Sorry for being such a downer. Here is something to take your mind of it...

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