Dec 10, 2010

'space for rent' - a poem

Walkways rise winsomely
Where riders waged war without warning.
wrapped the webbed wire and wrought iron wholly
with willful wit and writhing rage.

one waltzes with the unworldly swagger of a lover
once regular
run of the mill
now radical, wonderful, wondrous.

once in a while
riders on rails rush past walkers,
risk spoke workings
wielding, quaking, wobbling.

weak in the knees while watching waves; edging on woozy
bewildered by surroundings
westward windows yawn
wind wreaks of sweaty hogs

reflections rippling
peaks reached
-yet wisening

winter waits in the wings
disguised in a wig
who once rivaled the juvenile
jeering down under the wretched overpass
"you wilting wanker!"

what a relief - Wythe waxes,
when weakened, welt ridden tread,
taken out by two and a half hours
on a strung out ramble.

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