Nov 7, 2010

notes from doc: The Cool School

I just watched the documentary "The Cool School" which expounds on the formative years of the Los Angeles Art scene. In the fifties and sixties small gallery groups banded together to have a go of it, attempting to make a mark without obtaining notoriety from New York to validate their efforts. The doc primarily follows the group connected with Ferus Gallery, it's inception and diffusion.

Notable Artists: craig kauffman, robert irwin, john altoon, peter voulkos, ken price, john mason, wallace berman, ed moses, ed keinholtz, bill al bengston, craig kauffman, ed ruscha, larry bell...

Driving forces of FERUS: irving bulm (blum/poe), the late walter hopps (pasadena art museum), supported by shirley neilson hopps.

Other Notes:

barney's beanery tavern

1950s male driven art
about control
their struggle to find power over something in their lives resulted in a power in their art and in their personalities.

frank gehry - fit in more with them than the architecture crowd.

bill claxton - photographer

don factor - collector

Blum broke out a few NY POP artists: jons, stella, liectenstein, warhol

hal gluckman - curator

by the late 60s things became more elite and lucrative and in a stronghold of what ferrous gallery put into motion
everyone grew-up

sendel studio
Ferus--irving went to NY
Ferus PACE --
LA - one business - movie business
artforum -> sf -> la -> ny

semina magazine
now gallery

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