Nov 1, 2010

Dance like MILLIONS are watching...

Not that this is anything "new" but I was reminded this weekend how absolutely fascinating the effects of internet exhibitionism are. For a PRIME example: This lip-syncing Wunderkind, Keenan Cahill, who is approximately 15 years old, dealing Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome is now over-capacity on twitter viewers because of his gusto for pop music. You gotta love how he just lets his freak-flag-fly, as it were, and I mean no offense by using that term. On the contrary!

I guess I just find it interesting how - in one generation - we can go from dancing like no one is looking (when no one is looking) to broadcasting our bedroom dances across the globe for the amusement of others (and perhaps to the satisfaction of our own egos?)

Interesting note: even Katy Perry tweeted about him once this blew up...

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