Nov 15, 2010

Currently on View (in my room) pt.1

Art (My Student Loans)
Jennifer Mills

(detail of "safe art carrying case" complimentary with Mills original)

Custom work from Invisible Dog consultation (I Hope You Like This)
Jennifer Mills

top right - clockwise:

We Want Loyalty - Matt Maust
Bitch Please - Dan Swartz
Untitled (car Polaroid) - John Silvis
Tru- - Matt Maust
Self Stitch #1 - John Silvis
Just For You #666 - Jennifer Mills
Untitled (Silver Stencil) - John Silvis

Sanctuaries (1 of 3)
Liza Cucco

Sanctuaries (2 of 3)
Liza Cucco

Dear Jerry (Institutional Critique Ian)
D. H. Swartz

NY Book Fair/Printed Matter Edition
Tom Sachs

Degas, Renoir,
Loise Bourgeois - Alex Van Gelder

gun - Reid Strelow
penny #196 - Jen Mills

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