Oct 21, 2010

All Hallows'/about Eve

LOUISE NEVELSON, by Hans Namuth & THE DRUM, from Facade I
(screenprint with photocollage), 1967. Louise Nevelson.

A friend of mine suggested I would make a good Louise Nevelson this Oct 31st.
I know I am getting older, but is she trying to tell me something? ;-)

Anita Siegel and Nancy Grossman, Louise Nevelson
©1999 Richard Avedon

In other news
I have a new reader/coworker! ...[waves] "Hi!"

Who is creepier...?
Him--for seeking out my blog,
or Me--for tracking down his picture?

(me, i know.)
(sorry for taking it too a bad place.)

But he actually made an interesting comment that I would like to explore. He contrasted goodpurefun with another blog focused primarily on beauty. Now, I am not primarily interested in beauty, true, but now you've got me thinking.

What AM I doing here? Originally the idea was to give myself some added pressure to get in the habit of making something (a drawing, a poem, what have you...) and not be afraid of having it criticized or looked at, just to put it out there. Then if it was bad - well, I would either have to make it better, or risk the embarrassment. Yet, here I am - a few years later, and I am kinda embarrassed to hear that someone new has been reading and looking over the site. Something just isn't right about that.

Henceforth I think it is time to refocus away from creating something for the sake of creating. From here on out the bar has been raised, my friends. How exactly this will play out is tbd. But at least I don't have to worry about diluting my brand by making a change.

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