Sep 1, 2010


This lovely photo of Ashley was taken
by friend Laurel for Brett's promo site

So some of my WEST coast friends and some of my EAST coast friends seem to be living in semantic contention these days. Lets tune-in to see what it's all about...

Kristen just reviewed a book by Brett.
Take a look at both of their written words, and TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK...!

Personally, I think these two might get along better than they imagine, but also - we all need a little "sharpening" when it comes to refining our terms, expressing our ideas, and weeding out those sweeping generalizations that are so easy to gravitate toward when describing any group associated with a style, philosophy, or other observable trait of culture. free polls
As Far as the East is from the West:
It's all about IMAGE! We want more HIP in our church to attract the young people. 'Just attending my church to look cool, duh! 'Stopped attending church to look cool, duh! What the WHAT are you talking about?

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  1. From a Reformed perspective, life (and therefore church) is about God. Personal image is subordinate to the imago Dei in all of us. That understanding must be first before church can be church (and life can be what it is meant to be). my 2 cents.