Jul 15, 2010

Sarah Gregory is SO INTENSE

Last night at the new Rockwood Music Hall (stage II) Sarah and her Stanleys performed a smokin' set that really chilled out this crowd of New Yorkers. Her sultry voice wooed the suits and the skirts with savory and soulful sounds. Who can resist her un-real range and her smirky little smile?

I'd like to give a quick shout to the horn section as well as the guitarist whose tender loving notes carried me all the way home.

Special guests (her brothers-in-law) Andrew and Michael joined for a couple little numbers, including Michael's viral hit collaboration "Double Rainbow Song" which may beg the question - "What does [it] mean?" And I will tell you - it means this is a family of geniuses!

Leaving the venue, another steamy night on the LES - it began to rain, cooling off the boys and making those white summer dresses, as Sarah might say, "a little naughty".

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