Jul 11, 2010

Props to PA - local reviews

This weekend I traveled to the rich land of Lancaster county, PA. It was a welcome change from the tight quarters of the city, and the noise. The first night I laid my head down on the guest pillow - I became aware that my ears were literally ringing, as if I had just been to a loud concert - in contrast to the quiet of the country.

The GREEN DRAGON was a large market where we perused fresh produce, and Woopie Pies. I also got a s'TON of Silly Bands which I intend to give to a lucky few :)

Going into the city for a little adventure - we made several significant stops. First to SQUARE ONE Coffee shop where we were treated to fresh pours of their own gourmet brew, and had a lovely chat with the owner about her attempt at staying unpretentious and yet cutting edge as a third-wave brewer.

We also checked out a place called City Folk where I found some amazing home decor - particularly Christine Morgan's Fiberworks pillows and ottomans.

Lastly we swung by Building Character - a collective of hardware, home wares, and vintage shops for un-real prices.

The over-all vibe of the weekend allowed me to drink in some new sites and savor some new foods. More inspired work coming soon...


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