Jun 1, 2010

"Please, Lord, give me strength..."

Please, Lord, give me strength To be nobody 'Cause I am not my thoughts 'Cause I am not my thoughts


Yesterday I sat on my stoop reading yet another art theory book. I feel like I have been cramming for finals for the last few weeks - except - I am not in school. I just have a lot of ideas. Trying to get my thoughts on art (the lovely, the ugly...) in order has been quite a task.

Consequently, the Akron Family song "Franny/You're Only Human" keeps ringing in my ears. The concept to which I have come to understand within their simple lyric is that - sometimes it takes the most strength of character to accept failure/the absence of success, even indefinitely. Any one who accomplishes anything will have to also experience failings along the way, but what if we are given visions that never amount to anything, never provide us with recognition, or perhaps flop in such a way that will discredit the rest of our attempts to follow? It is daunting.

I've encouraged a lot of people along the way to put themselves out on the line and take risks. Now that I am in the jump seat I have to muster (once again) my inner cheerleader and remind myself to tow the line between taking risks and courting wisdom.

So "RA-RA" bonniekate! Hit the books, and give yourself a little grace!

And "Thank You!" to those of you who have cheered me on or given me a proverbial cup of electrolytes along the way.

photo by Yoon Kim

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