Jun 29, 2010

Javier - Where ART thou?

Ever see something and it just sticks with you? Or somehow pops back into your mind years later? That is exactly what is going on with me and Javier Tellez right now. Back in 2008 his film colaboration with Creative Time was shown at the Whitney Biennale. It shared the experiences of six blind New Yorkers interacting with an Elephant for the first time.
Inspired by the Indian folk tale "The blind men and the Elephant" Telez's "Leter to the blind / for the use of those who see" also inspired the title for an exhibit in Berlin called "For the use of those who see" which included a film by John Baldessari called "Time and Temperature" (1972-73).

When I recalled the project I immediatly looked it up again to see what the artist is up to now - since his work has so much staying-power in my mind. But I can't seem to find anything more recent. How sad!

Maybe that will be his one great work. And maybe that is ok.

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