Apr 19, 2010

new obsession - nuns+art

Last night I watched the short film "la chatte andalouse" (or "The Female Cat from the South of Spain") (part of a collection of short films called "Wholphin: Issue 4"). It is a charming story of a nun who finds herself completing an installation for an eccentric artist on her death bed, and her consequent discovery of what might be considered more "earthly" delights.

Completely lovable. Completely French.

I also have a vested interest in Sister Wendy Beckett who has dedicated her life to God and the study of art. Being a consecrated virgin, I find her dedication of her physical/earthly body and mind to be a lovely gift.

She is known for speaking easily regarding the sensual or sexual nature of the human experience within art and life, and of God as the creator of physicality. Her un-prudish notions are refreshing and encouraging to the believer that hopes for sophisticated discussion within the Church on culture, and yet she has extremely high standards for what she would consider to be good art.

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