Apr 16, 2010

Breaking the "rules"

pictured here:
Super Star by Liza Lou, and works by Charles Ray in back ground and foreground.

ok, so I might be the worst museum patron of all time - only visiting during free hours or pay-what-you-will times, taking snapshots on my camera phone, and coping-a-feel without white gloves on... but, what can I say? I love the art, and I like being sneaky!

Here are my highlights from "Skin Fruit" curated at the New Museum by Jeff Koons:

Schedule of the Crucifix by Pawel Althamer

Chris Ofili whose work kind of reminded me of Laura Owens, texturally, which lead nicely to Dan Colen's work (link below) and the combination here also brings back thoughts of Andres Serrano's Piss Christ, which I am re-considering after reading a bit more about it in the book "A Short Life of Trouble" - a biography on the curator Marcia Tucker (founder of the New Museum) who was one of the people who nominated Serrano for a NEA award for the aforementioned work.

I really liked the work by Dan Colen.

Robert Gober is always fun.

Video work by Nathalie Djurberg

David Altmejd - wow. His "Giant" was a massive humanoid obliterated by crystals and squirrels gnawing through the flesh??? Stunning, and confounding.

I really enjoyed the show DESPITE the fact that Jeff curated himself into the exhibit - my no. 1 curatorial pet-peeve. I guess I don't totally mind, since it was justified by being the first work of art that the collector of the larger body - which the show was drawn from, had purchased.

+++reminders from perusing the book store+++

I love you Walton Ford.

Penny Arcade, I need to know you better.

Disturbing and intriguing: Neckface: the devil made me do it

illustrator - Nigel Peake

photos by David Goldblatt

interesting concept: Barney/Beuys - all the present must be transformed

Modern Twist kid's place mat!!!!

Wim Delvoye - (gothic) colouring book

Tristan, proud of you man! You made it into the mystery box!

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