Mar 8, 2010

wrote/a while back

It was a pretty dreary day when I wrote this...I am SO glad it is sunny!


"The rain is swirling around bricks and sills.
ghostly silhouetted buildings haunt the sky, disembodied.
windows, like eyes of these sentinels, tear up around their aged seams (cracking crows-feat)
and pools of memory gather somewhere in the forgotten streets
the cobblestones - paved over by progress merely mask our forefather's intent.
Spackle, and greened metals show the paradox of living in an aging, oxidizing planet.
A world so small yet complex - that we never quite know how to react to what we encounter.

Identifying emotions properly? Please!
Let me start by identifying the matter that looms in front of me,
in all his physicality,
before I dare deal in the soulful cognition
and even the most

practical mysticism."

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