Mar 30, 2010

on with the NEW

I never thought this day would come. The day when I have two hott tickets to the New York Auto Show (???) and am considering leaving my beloved Park Slope. My little bro is coming to town, so that explains the first part, but as for the move in question...

Trading in the endless walk ups and away from the fleeting generation of native Brooklyn Fogies who still like Egg Creams is just as dificult and conflicting as it sounds.

What makes me think I belong in a hipsterville gentrifying away from Hasidic and Puerto Rican locals, on the cusp of a still noticeable Polish community? I'll tell you - It's not only the roof top view of Manhattan, but also proximity to things and people I hold dear that I am just not getting from my current situation. That's about all I got. What do you think?

To move or Not to move?
Invest in an iPad and get cozy where you are, ya' yuppie!

Strap a few essentials to your street bike and head for the 'BURG!

"And then I'll have to MOVE to BROOKLYN???!!!!!" (nothing east of Grammercy Park exists for me)

You know you are so BOHO -- search for a place on the L.E.S.!!!

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