Feb 18, 2010

Pearls in PROCESS (I thank you)

Recently I have been able to observe some really lovely results of my being a part of the on-going community rooted at my Alma Mater. A couple weeks ago I was asked to help initiate a new chapter of our alumni association, which I am honored and happy to accommodate for, and this week it is looking like I will be able to send out some of my recent artwork for a special exhibit at the La Mirada campus.

Shannon Leith, pictured above, is curating an all-female exhibition for their observation of Women's History Month. (Which will be a highlight event on the campus -- third year running). Their theme this year is Pearls in Process. The theme of the exhibit is focusing more on "Process" which happens to be just the thing I have been thinking about in my work. So, if all goes well, I will have some documentation of my babies in action soon!

Thank you for all of those who have been so encouraging of my art, my career, and my "process". You know who you are.

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