Feb 3, 2010

No Sugar Tonight

I was just reading Rumination Reading Room's most recent post and began reflecting on my own growing pains. I can relate. In addition -her reference to song "no milk today" by Herman's Hermits semantically reminded me of this old jam ("No sugar tonight" - below).

The Guess Who were mos def a part of my rocker phase growing up in northern California, listening to my favorite DJ, Greg Kihn (known best, perhaps, for "The Break-up Song" and his annual Kihn-cert, bringing old time rockers together who you may have thought to be long gone) broadcasting out of San Francisco.

Between ages 15-17 I lived for the late 60s through early 80s music that brought out a sampling of everything from the blues to power ballads. It may be 10 years later (yikes) but I am still a bay-area girl at heart. No matter how much I push against the grain of who I was, certain things just move us...you can be refined in some ways, but you can't help your roots.

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