Feb 10, 2010

no one, Alicia? no one?

I know I am in good company when I bring up the one loop-hole in Alicia's Idealism that is so pop-illy expressed in this song, ie - What if there IS a person who CAN actually "get in the way of what I'm feeling"? Namely - the person for whom those feelings are for.

Part of me loves this song - the anthem of "we can" executed via the power of love. But the thing is - if one person's love can NOT conquer all (all the fears of another person, for example) we are left befuddled, and handicapped by the lies that society has told us. Lies that say when you love someone everything is gonna be alright. What happened to the days of Brandy who said "Have you ever had someone steal your heart away, you'd give anything to make them feel the same" - this just rings truer to me.

Speaking from personal experience, I know unrequited love can leave us feeling helpless, and hopeless. For all the broken hearted this V-day week, I just want you to know that loving people is hard, but still worth it. Surprising? Perhaps. True? Yes. And you know it. Otherwise we would have given up on the notion....really given up on the notion ages ago.

Whether your tactic to get-by this weekend is based on a prayer that Alicia's kind of love comes to you, or if you are in the middle of grieving a broken heart - just hold on for one more day. There are more sure sources of faith, hope and love than a date involving crystal, or (even more idealic) diamonds.

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