Feb 16, 2010

The colour PURPLE

Those of you who know me, know that I've got myself somewhat tangled in a little fashion web out here in New York. Some days I nearly die of exhaustion trying to break free, and then there are moments like the one I had today when reading WWD in the Bryant Park tent before the next round of models ran the catwalk. It was actually a pretty fun moment. I have to admit. Looking up from the paper - there were camera men interviewing whomever they could catch. I even got a little attention myself from an Editor and Photographer of StyleSight.com.

The haute story in WWD today and online at style.com surrounded Purple Magazine (a french fashion publication) and a recent party they held. At first I passed over this rather flippantly, but upon second glance the Hubbub drew me in too. Put me at a dinner table or in a cocktail dress surrounded by the likes of Daphne Guinness, Terry Richardson, Jared Leto, Waris Ahluwalia, and Aurel Schmidt, and I bet it would prove to be an interesting time ;)

So maybe I am not in deep romantic love with my job/industry, but it beats cleaning latrines!

...and you were there...

...and this guy too.

Above is this season's fountain display - In the background was a screen displaying all the showing designer's tweets from back stage and at various stages of NY fashion week's roller coaster.

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