Jan 15, 2010

When life gives you lemons - dream.

Last night I had a dream that I was "working" except I was out doors at some kind of roof cafe having a meeting. It was really sunny. The sun warmed my skin - tanning it slowly but visibly. The experience was tantalizing in the most wholesome way imaginable.

This morning I got up. Put on an all-black outfit. Put on a hair band. Touched up my nails. Grabbed my make up case (I normal do not condone subway styling but this morning I was already running late) and headed down to the train - determined to have a sunny outlook.

drawing by "Kanye West" for "charity"

added later that day...
DS: I'm way over Kanye. I thought he had more creative staying power, but he is already getting overshadowed by everyone....booooo.
Have you been listening to Drake or Nicki Minaj? OMG.

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