Dec 4, 2009

Stories from the Subway

a) This morning I saw a mom with her little kid in my neighbor hood subway station. I live in a very gentrified, verging on suburban, neighborhood but this mom had a little trick up her sleeve. Despite her corduroy pants, brown boots, and anne taylor outerwear she fully rocked the sweetest Mohawk that I'd seen in a while.
It wasn't out of control or unseemly, it was properly spiked without unnecessary amounts of glue or goop. It was properly highlighted, not Clorox-ed. All I gotta say is: way-to-go mom! (I hope that this was the result of a dare with her small son.)

b) There was this guy sitting with a blank look on his face. A simple man I guessed. with a bold sans-serif message on his ball-cap: "UNCUT".
I found this to be hilarious - not 100% sure why.

c) Custom boots of red-brown leather. Laced up high - higher on one side. It was awesome. I wanted to ask the asymmetrical man if the higher boot was heavier or if they balanced the weight for him, but I held my tongue.

d) A woman shook a tree an frantically, and gleefully collected the falling seeds (or pods) to the befuddlement of a NYC street sweeping technician. (see additional image below)

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