Dec 18, 2009

Some Holiday Cheer to Tide you over

(Can you spy Ebenezer Scrooge in the "Painting" in the back?)


Holiday Stew - By Jennifer Mills

The Holiday Stew Simmers in a crock
It's for good boys and girls who bad they
were not,
Plums and candy canes in the jolly stew,
It stews for me and stews for you.
Every one take a taste,
And spread Holiday Joy all over the
The Holiday stew is part of a complete
Everyone who loves Christmas come
and Try it!
The Holiday strew is not in the Joy Of
The recipe is in your heart, that is where
you should be looking.

Holiday Pass Port - By Jennifer Mills

The Holiday Passport is Easy to obtain,
It lets you travel on the Christmas train.
Travel to Holiday Land where the streets
are paved in holly,
And when you go through Customs,
everyone is Jolly.
You can get a Visa and stay all year,
Because Joy and Love and Peace and
Joy are all you need to stay here. (In
Holiday Land)

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