Dec 7, 2009

My best friend can be Your Best Friend too!

My best friend, Jessica, is a very talented art-director gone personal-Chef! She is now offering open chairs at regularly hosted dinner parties (listed on her website) and can be booked for private events.

Pictured Dish:
"Grilled Cheese"
Toasted chocolate brioche and walnut yogurt cheese; chocolate brioche buttered on the bottom, topped with sage aged cheese, smoked salt and dehydrated English bacon; brown beer soaked village cheese; green olive stuffed with brie and olive oil soaked orange peel

Paired with: Birra Moretti Cocktail - the "Steven"

3 parts Birra Moretti
2 part grapefruit soda
1 part limoncello
4 juniper berries, crushed

Mix all together and top with egg whites (beat 2 egg whites with 1 T. sugar and .5 ounces of gin)

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