Dec 1, 2009

Cast Iron Proof

If any entity is to be trusted in this age, it may be postal workers. Sure, sometimes they get a bad rap for bending photographs, for not being as prompt as the 'electronic-mail', or (in some instances) confiscating "goodies" like Bibles or drugs - but what about the guy who drew a map on his envelope in England? They TOTALLY delivered it for him! And the Jolly Post Man? Woah, what a guy! Fearless! It is even said by some that from time to time even Santa will pre-ship some items to level out his work load.

My point is this...

My friend, Erik, has been M.I.A. roaming the world for a year - while also abandoning his internet presence. For all I knew he had been trampled by wild horses in Australia! (Since one of his goals was to return to his cow-boy roots.) But today I found a letter, stuck between some other parcels with a stamp and post mark that could only mean 1 thing: my dear friend from the Czech Republic was ALIVE! (...or at least had recently been so...)

Alive indeed and snarky as ever! Per his request I hereby pass along his message of "hi" to all, and thank the Lord for travel mercies imparted to this child (although I am still not sure exactly where he is residing - there was no return address.)

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