Nov 2, 2009

Flowers are fun

Women love flowers.
Recently I watched a documentary on plants called the Botany of Desire and one chapter was about the flower industry and the pure decadence and non-utility of it. Yet breeding, growing, and selling flowers remains a huge money-making industry! Weather that is due to the fashion of the time, or romanticism in general, who knows... but I have been thinking a lot about flowers and I thought I would share a little survey of floral delights...

still life

still life by Rembrandt

tulip illustration

water lily - found photo

water lily - found photo

lotus - found photo

water lily painting by monet

calla lily painting by Diego Rivera

Another calla lily by Rivera

Still life by Frida Kahlo in round wood frame

lace embellished dress, oscar de la renta

country mum bouquet

Iris painting by Van Gogh

Green Spider Mum arrangement

Country arrangement Ranunculus

Ponies - found photo

Floral screen print, Vera Wang

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